Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

Days after Moonlight – a film about the internal struggles of a young gay black teen living in poverty-riddled Miami – won the Oscar for Best Picture, the videogame industry countered with Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a game about killing robot dinosaurs, and takes itself seriously. The comparison isn’t fair. Hollywood recently gave us eight… Continue reading Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)


Hidden Folks (iOS)

Clever. Adorable. Passive. Ambient. So many adjectives fit this delightful little gem. Hidden Folks isn’t more than a miniature handheld plaything, like a stress cube on a touch screen. Yet, the special outpouring of personality within the design acts as a signature – the Amsterdam-based dev team playfully speaks through their work. There’s nothing to… Continue reading Hidden Folks (iOS)


Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)

Resident Evil 7 has many masters, from schlockbuster found footage horror to mainstream offerings. It treats the backwood bayou stereotype as a viral infection (a clever if ultimately unfilled promise), induces VCR terror tropes, eventually manifesting into killer kids, but not before blending in a touch of Sam Raimi’s off-beat Evil Dead – or at… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)

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Best of 2016

In no particular order – or they’re actually alphabetical. Either way. Doom Excessive and brutish, few excel in their violence like Doom. Underneath the swell of sound caused by shotguns, rocket launchers, and exploding demons is a crafty lampooning of religious devotion and the corporate goons who keep their employees invested in the cult rather… Continue reading Best of 2016


Mother Russia Bleeds (PS4)

Heartless, wanton, and vivid. Mother Russia Bleeds brings exploitation cinema’s flavor into a lewd, degrading, and ceaselessly violent brawler. Inhaling Russian internet meme, spitting out Russian tough guy dialect, and slathered in anti-communism dialog, Mother Russia Bleeds feeds into the genre’s strongest qualities – raw catharsis and satisfying aggression. Paired with an exaggerated if stellar… Continue reading Mother Russia Bleeds (PS4)