Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire (iOS)

The tap-tap-tap rhythm of Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire turns its players into the equivalent of a cat playing with a tablet’s virtual aquarium. YouTube provides endless hours of examples. Human paws aren’t as adorable though. As opposed to phony aquariums, Crazy Taxi’s spin-off dishes out phony money. It’s a cycle of tapping and watching dollar bills… Continue reading Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire (iOS)


Abzu (PS4)

Restorative, wandering, abstract; Abzu offers the serenity of an interactive, aquatic Fantasia. Invisibly guided and intellectually stirring, Abzu’s mind-twisting appearance silently guides its nameless android protagonist through an abstract quest. Its scale obliterates that of videogame adventures hours lengthier; Abzu’s scenic volume is three times theirs. A thoughtful use of the medium, the design is… Continue reading Abzu (PS4)


Nier Automata (PS4)

Videogames rarely engage with such grandiose cynicism. Robots in Nier Automata, post-human apocalypse, form emotions and feelings, as much as their circuits understand and process those concepts. Their society then fails. They separate into warring clans. Their attempts at peace falter. They repeat every human mistake. Nier Automata doesn’t like humanity. Its storyline and characters,… Continue reading Nier Automata (PS4)


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Xbox One)

This remake of Sega’s Wonder Boy III treats the game with more reverence than is likely deserved. In doing so, Wonder Boy turns into an aesthetic spectacle. Dragon’s Trap harnesses the pop-art of the charming, mischievous fantasy lost behind the original Master System’s synthetic neon color palette. With stellar animation, providing the agency of a… Continue reading Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Xbox One)